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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Pinnacle Award

Today is a very special day at WMHS as we recognize one of our twelve previous Values in Action award winners (employee of month winners for those of you outside the System) with the Pinnacle Award.  This award is presented to the one employee who stands atop the group through their embracing of our Core Values, their contributions to the organization and their community, as well as, being highly respected by their WMHS colleagues.  What a difficult choice out of the twelve exceptional individuals who demonstrate professionalism and exemplify a dedication to service excellence each day.  These individuals are exceptional; they are the "cream of the crop," if you will, and truly stand out among an already unbelievably dedicated staff at WMHS.  Congratulations to each of the nominees as you are all extremely special in all that you do for our patients, our organization and each other.

The nominees for the 2012 Pinnacle Award are below.
Ruth Romesburg, RN         
Bob MacMillan                     
Jim Brant                                 
Amy Campbell                      
Denise Marsh, RN
Debbie Dayton
Carol Strawderman
Shirley Young
Joshua Payne
Alda Westfall, RN
Chris Seibert
Glenda Billy, RN                

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