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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today's the Day, but First.

The Supreme Court is to announce their ruling today on the Affordable Care Act at around 10 AM.  I routinely write my blog first thing in the morning based on reflections from about 4 AM on.  So, once again, I will write about another "burning" issue and blog about the decision tomorrow.
I think that I have written before that I am a Yankee fan.  I have been one since I was a young child when I would watch the Yankees with my grandmother sitting in her rocking chair with her rosary beads in her hands praying for her boys, Maris and Mantle throughout the game.  This week most would say that it is a great time to be a Yankee fan as they are 5 games ahead in first place heading into the All -Star break in a week or so.  Actually, I am embarrassed to be a Yankee fan at least for this week and it's about integrity or a lack there of.  On Tuesday, leftfielder Dewayne Wise didn't make a catch in the outfield as he fell into the stands, but the umpire called it a catch and the inning was over.  All of the follow up articles and press coverage was about the umpire not making the correct call and that Dewayne did what any player would have done.  Really?  I'll take you back to my father in law's memorial service when his best friend and high school football teammate got up and told the story of my father in law and the extent of his integrity.  During a football game, he caught a pass and ran it down the sidelines for a touchdown.  Everyone was cheering on the field and in the stands except my father in law who walked back along the sidelines and pointed to the referee where he stepped out of bounds as he was running down the field.  Needless to say, everyone was angry with my father in law that he came clean.  His friend told him that he was crazy to have told the referee since no one would have known.  My father in law said that he knew and that was enough for him.  Ask yourself, would you rather be known as the guy with his integrity  well in check or the one who sheepishly ran off the field after not catching a foul ball and then getting to see yourself all over national TV in what should be an extremely embarrassing moment?  Some might chalk it up to a different era or winning is everything.  From perspective, about one's personal integrity and it's a core value of this health system for a very good reason.

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