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Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

I really don't want to sound judgmental, but yesterday's front page article in the Cumberland Times News on Father's Day was based on an interview with Martin Sheen.  Advice on being a father from Martin Sheen, really?  Advice on acting, great, but Martin Sheen as a role model for Father's Day, you couldn't aim even a little higher?  Oh wait a minute, he and other son Emilio Estevez have written a father / son memoir entitled, "Along the Way" which would assume now classifies them as experts; weren't they estranged for many years?  It wasn't that long ago that Martin Sheen was on the cover of the Sunday Parade magazine for Father's Day under the same mantra: "I may not have been the best father due to my career and never being there or my years of alcoholism, but it doesn't matter who you are, you are never going to get the ideal relationship.  Whatever your kids choose to do is not a reflection of you."

Although they seem to be less and less, including Martin Sheen, there are other Father's Day role models to choose from starting with President Obama.  Like him or not, he is a devoted father to his daughters.  In this day and age, devoted fathers seem to be less and less the rule and more and more the exception.  All the more that we should be promoting great Dads and wonderful role models on Father's Day rather poor or even marginal ones.  Happy belated Father's Day to the many devoted, wonderful fathers out there.

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