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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Health Care Hour

Yesterday was a first for me, moderating a 1 hour radio program.  As I blogged yesterday, I participated in Rotary Radio Days at WCBC.  I had no idea what to expect, but it was a lot of fun, especially when one has great people to work with as part of the program.  The panelists consisted of Dr. George Garrow, CMO at WMHS, Jane Jenkins from WMHS Home Care, Carol Everhart, Director of Care Coordination and Quality Initiatives at WMHS and John McMullen, President of Comfort Keepers.  An outline was prepared on the topics that we should cover, the Triple Aim of Health Care Reform: Better Quality, Reduced Cost and Healthier Communities; Quality and Patient Safety and the role of Comfort Keepers as a partner in the health care continuum.  We pretty much blew through those items in the first 20 minutes.  We then had to figure out what were we going to cover for the next 40 minutes.........not a problem.  With the great group of panelists, we ended up with more material than we had time for.   All in all, it was an enjoyable 60 minutes and one that I would repeat in the future.  Again, thanks to WCBC for their assistance as well as their generosity to the Rotary Club.

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  1. Barry,

    I was able to listen to about the last 10 minutes as I was driving to another system site. Caught Jane Jenkins and George Garrow talking discussing Home Care and Evidence Based Care.

    Great job!