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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Does Their Arrogance Have No Limits?

Not unlike the majority of Americans, I am appalled by what is going on in Washington, DC, with the government shutdown.  If Congress' constituency back home is appalled by their actions, or in some cases inactions, then why are we in day ten of a shutdown of our federal government?  The only answer is arrogance.  Starting with the Republicans in the House who started this mess over Obamacare; it was voted into law; it survived a Supreme Court challenge and the President was re-elected after it was passed.  Get over it!  If it's so bad for the American people, then let it run its course and amend it or repeal it if and when public opinion turns on it.  The insurance side of Obamacare is off to a horrendous start so, why not sit back and watch? Then there are the Democrats who have resorted to name calling and getting themselves arrested in protest of the shutdown and tying up considerable federal government resources in the process.  They have been rendered useless as they follow their party's leader.........the President.  If you look up the word arrogance, you may actually see a photo of the President.  The intentional hurt that he is putting on the American people through the government shutdown should warrant impeachment.  Withholding cancer treatments of patients who are in NIH studies; putting people out of their homes who live on federal land; barricading Memorials that have never been shutdown in the history of the US; writing tickets to people for running on federal land; closing businesses privately run but on federal land; arresting people for attempting to access federal land; withholding death benefits to families of servicemen killed in action; putting our national security at risk by furloughing CIA analysts, NSA employees, Homeland Security and the TSA and the list goes on.  This man is the leader of the free world whose actions are unprecedented.  He calls the shutdown heartbreaking and is asking the American people to submit their stories as to how they have been hurt by the shutdown, but yet he is the guy who is telling his staff to make the shutdown hurt as much as it can.  He holds a news conference almost everyday to tell the American people that he won't negotiate with a gun to his head.  

My message to the group is to be leaders and do what you were elected to do..........represent us.  Take a page out of the Vatican as they select a Pope: bring all of the parties together and lock yourselves in a room until you reach an agreement.  At a time when our economy is beginning to rebound, now is not the time to once again put our nation in economic ruin.  You all need to stop the political posturing, scale back on the arrogance and get back to work.


  1. Mr Ronan,
    very very well put. It's a president-republican-democrat mess.
    They all share in the cause of the problem.
    Daily reader of your blog.
    Thank you
    West Virginia

  2. Ditto to Anonymous 1.

    PS: Love the blog...