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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Under Armour Challenge

Last week, my nephew participated in the Under Armour Challenge, where over 4000 participants submitted products and / or technology to be considered for development by Under Armour.  My nephew, Chris Forgey, is an entrepreneur as well as a VP for an IT company.  He invented an embedded lighting technology for snow boards, skate boards, long boards and helmets.  His company is called Lightbohrd and it is getting a lot of attention of snow board manufacturers.  

During the summer, he shopped the idea of lighted technology to Under Armour to be added to their products.  Right now, their running gear, shoes and backpacks have reflective material, as do all other similar manufacturers.  Under Armour encouraged him to submitted his technology as part of the Under Armour Challenge, so he was one of the 4000.  He was invited to Baltimore to make a presentation in September and was then invited to return as one of 12 with products to be considered by their employees at a company fair.  Chris' technology was selected by the employees at the fair and the next day he was one of six invited to present to Kevin Plank the CEO of Under Armour.  Last Friday, he won the Challenge for his lighted technology that can be embedded in fabric with thread like wire; it can be washed and is rechargeable by placing it on a pad.  Kevin Plank said that he has been looking for that technology for some time and has been unable to develop it.  Chris won $25,000 from Under Armour and will now be negotiating with them on use of his technology.

Entreprenurship is a whole new world for me and I am thrilled to be an original investor in Lightbohrd.  Congratulations, Chris!

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