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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bullies in the NFL.............Really?

I have been reading with amazement about the Richie Incognito situation.  Richie was an offensive lineman with the Miami Dolphins up until Sunday, when he as suspended indefinitely.  He was apparently bullied in the sixth grade and his father straightened him out at that time.  So much so, Richie has acted like he has a few screws loose since college.  Fights, arrests, dirtiest player in the NFL accusations and now a bully.  He is accused of bullying a second year, 345-pound lineman who also played for the Dolphins.  

I can't fathom bullying in the NFL.   As one friend said, "He is the Conrad Dobler of the 21st century."  This stuff happens all of the time and you deal with it.  Remember Dez Bryant when he arrived in training camp in Dallas his rookie season?  He was told that he was going to carry a fellow player and veteran's helmet to and from practice every day.  He said, "no" end of story.  I have little sympathy for Jonathan Martin, the 345-pound victim of bullying.  Put on your big boy pants and deal with it.

I also have a suggestion for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Sign Richie Incognito.  They sure as heck can use a quality offensive lineman and he would bring a whole lot of fire and excitement to that locker room.

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