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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flu Shots

It's time to get your flu shot, especially if you are affiliated with WMHS.  You have until December 7th to get your shot.  Last year, the cut off was December 31 and it presented challenges for those last-minute shot seekers around the New Year's holiday and the scheduling of staff.

In order to help understand and explain the many myths that are out there, I have attached an article on debunking the myths of flu shots.  Now, I know if you are looking for a flu shot exemption, you would want to see the science that supports the debunked myth.  It may not be included in this article, but it's certainly out there.  

The bottom line is that we are in the business to provide the best care possible to our patients.  Having our employees vaccinated against the flu is one way of protecting our patients.  So far, around 70 per cent of our hourly employees have gotten the flu shot and management including, employed physicians, are at around 80 per cent.  We have a ways to go for both groups, but I am sure that all will look at the mission and values of our organization and realize the importance of getting the flu shot.

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