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Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day - In War, There Are No Unwounded

Today is the day that we should all seek out a veteran or a member of the active military and simply say, "Thank You."  The sacrifice that each member of the military and our veterans have made pales by comparison to pretty much everything else.

And, if you think that sacrifice is only for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, then you are mistaken.  To be on the dock when my daughter Lauren returned from her last deployment to the Middle East and to see those husbands, wives and children embracing each other for the first time in ten and a half months, it brings tears to your eyes.  First off the ship were the 60 fathers who had never seen their newly born sons and daughters in person.  Talk about sacrifice.  

What these people have done for us in preserving our freedom for well over two hundred years is just short of amazing.   Every man and women who has served or is currently serving is a hero and deserves the thanks of a grateful nation.

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